How to stand out on your stand?

If you’ve been on any large trade show, you know how difficult it is to stand out on your stand. And you also know that too many people working on those stands are not very active on catching the attention of bypassers. Reasons for the latter are usually complex, but one thing may be the frustration on how to get the attention on thousands of people walking past their stand.

If the stand is not having large, luminous and expensive screens with eye catching content it may be very hard to stand out without something irrelevant to the product or service you’re offering. Too often the alternative is beautiful women. And usually you’re trying to show your brand, product and services with traditional roll-ups, signs etc.

tradeshow image
Traditional signage

Good luck with those. Thousands of other stands are using similar signage.

What if your signage were digital but compact and affordable? What if it were easy to set up? And what if your high-res videos appeared as 3D or hologram effect? Sounds too good to be true? It is for sure true.

Finnish company Ostosikkuna Oy ( has developed a unique way of using background projection on a 95″ roll-up screen. Using ultra sharp projector with wide color space the result is a hologram-like, clear picture with vivid colors and wide viewing angle. Using a vertical video is recommended if you want to catch the eye of the bypassers.


The setup is also available as a roll-down option, as a fixed acrylic and as a setup for windows of a store. With up to 18 000 lumens brightness with stacked projectors you’ll be able to have very large, bright and sharp display on your store’s window. Even touch option is possible on acrylic and window options.

With tailored vertical video there will be people stopping at your stand and you’ll have opportunities to talk with them and present your solutions.

Here is one demo video of the solution:

Interested? Please do not hesitate to contact ShopperScreen personnel or me:


P.S. The digital roll-up can also be used in stores. You can for example replace mannequins with the roll-up solution.

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